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  • City of Carson, CA
  • Carson, CA

Job Description

Salary : $12,140.26 - $15,494.26 Monthly



Job Number: 2400042


Opening Date: 04/16/2024

Closing Date: Continuous



The City of Carson is seeking to hire an IT Manager who is hands-on, proactive, and leads by example. The ideal candidate should have a history of success in managing IT software and hardware lifecycle management, providing exceptional support to enterprise clients, responsible for leading an IT Service Desk Team 24/7, and have a passion for providing mentorship and technical guidance to staff and coworkers. The ideal candidate should also possess a zeal for continuous improvement, and innovation, with a strong ability to earn trust from enterprise clients by prioritizing work in accordance with organizational priorities, setting expectations, and delivering on promises within deadlines.

Job Summary :

Under the general direction of the City Manager, plans, organizes, implements, and directs the design, operation, coordination, maintenance, and installation of the city's information technology and telecommunication systems and facilities; and performs other related duties as required.


(These functions are representative and may not be present in all positions in the class. Management reserves the right to add, modify, change or rescind related duties and work assignments.)
  1. Plans, organizes, staffs, directs, and controls the city's information technology and telecommunications systems.
  2. Directs and participates in feasibility studies and troubleshoots technical problems to determine present and future hardware and software requirements.
  3. Meets with various users to coordinate and assist in the evaluation, development, and improvement of new, existing system applications, telecommunications and cable TV technology.
  4. Oversees and works with staff to develop, maintain, and operate complex server and microcomputer networks using, but not limited to, a 10Base-T topology running Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), Internet Packet Exchange/Sequence Packet Exchange (IPX/SPX) and Apple Talk on fiber and Ethernet backbones.
  5. Evaluates, negotiates, makes recommendation, implements, and administers purchase orders and contracts.
  6. Maintains current knowledge in the field of Information Technology and telecommunications.
  7. Prepares and manages the division's annual budget.
  8. Directs the preparation and review of staff reports, letters, memos, and/or other related correspondence.
  9. Interviews candidates and makes hiring recommendation for subordinate positions.
  10. Assigns projects, monitors activities to ensure quality and accuracy of work.
  11. Supervises, prepares performance evaluations, commendations, or disciplinary actions for assigned staff.
  12. Participates as lead staff and member of the City's Emergency Response Team.
  13. Develops policies and procedures regarding the use of the City's information and telecommunication systems.
  14. Oversees the training of citywide staff of current and new information and telecommunication programs, equipment, hardware, and software.
  15. Performs related duties as required.


A typical way to obtain the requisite qualifications to perform the duties of this class is as follows:

Education and/or Experience :

Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Computer Information Systems, Telecommunication Management or Information Technology and four (4) years experience in an administrative or management capacity responsible for planning, organizing, and implementing information system program and projects, including supervising staff. Experience and/or education in a related field may be substituted on a year for year basis.

Knowledge of :
  • Municipal Fiber Network.
  • Current information services technology, telecommunication technology; wireless technology and network, and cable TV technology.
  • Functions and operations within area of responsibility.
  • Mainframe /stand-alone/single platform computer environment.
  • OS software; back-up and recovery utilities.
  • Network, multi-user, single platform mid-range (e.g. UNIX/NT/VMS, LAN/WAN) systems.
  • Multifaceted and technically sophisticated projects and on-going operations.
  • Management, administration, training, supervision, and performance evaluation techniques.
  • General record keeping practices.
  • Basic budgeting practices and procedures.
  • Basic purchasing practices and contract administration.
  • Research and analytical methods.
  • Personal computer software and hardware.
  • Office practices and procedures.
  • Effective methods of report writing and presentation.
  • Cost analysis.
  • Principles of confidentiality.

Skill and/or Ability to :

  • Develop strategic plans for operation and growth.
  • Analyze organizational needs, existing and emerging technology, and costs/benefits.
  • Maintain knowledge of emerging technology as well as understanding applicability of new technology to operations.
  • Formulate, implement and monitor section policies, procedures, standards and long and short-range plans.
  • Use of OEM, 3rd party tools and native scripts/language to perform upgrades, tuning, and security administration.
  • Install, configure, develop, enhance and maintain third party application software that is not common off the shelf (COTS) software.
  • Supervise, direct, and evaluate staff.
  • Identify and analyze problems and take effective corrective action.
  • Effectively communicate orally and in writing.
  • Maintain accurate records and prepare clear and concise reports.
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationship with others.
  • Make effective oral presentations.

Licenses and/or Certificates :

Possession of a valid California Class C driver's license. Employees in this classification will be enrolled in the Department of Motor vehicles (DMV) Government Employer Pull Notice program, which confirms possession of a valid driver's license and reflects the driving record.


Physical Requirements and Working Conditions :

Employee accommodations for physical and mental disabilities will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Positions in this class normally:

  • Require to respond to emergency situations.
  • Require vision (which may be corrected) to read small print.
  • Perform work, which is primarily sedentary.
  • Require the mobility to stand, stoop, reach, and bend.
  • Require mobility of arms to reach and dexterity of hands to grasp and manipulate small objects.
  • Operate a personal computer and other office equipment.
  • Perform lifting, pushing, and/or pulling which does not exceed 50 pounds and is an infrequent aspect of the job.
  • May be required to use City and/or personal vehicle in the course of employment.
  • May be required to attend periodic evening meetings and/or travel within and out of City boundaries to attend meetings.
  • Require the ability to stand for long periods.
  • May be required to work evenings, or weekends.

Applications will be screened and evaluated for relevant training and experience. Applications must be complete and include all required documents. Only those applicants determined to be among the most qualified may be invited to participate in the selection process which will consist of the following sections:

SME review, no weight
Oral exam, weighted at 100%

The Human Resources Department reserves the right to adjust, modify, delete and/or change the above exam types and/or weights.

Supplemental questionnaires are used to evaluate applicant's indicated abilities with the ideal candidate profile. Applicants must achieve a cut-off score of 70% or above on the written, performance and oral examination to be placed on the eligibility list. Passing the written, performance and oral examination does not guarantee an invitation to the selection interview. The Human Resources Department reserves the right to invite those amongst the highest scoring to the next phase of the recruitment.

Revisions to a testing component during a recruitment process can be made at the discretion of the Human Resources Department. Applicants will be notified by email if a revision is made. An eligibility list will be established in accordance with the City's Personnel Rules, Rule VI, and Employment List Procedures.


The City of Carson is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Special assistance with the application and examination process is available, upon request, for persons with disabilities. Call Human Resources for assistance at (310) 952-1736.


Any offer of employment, or acceptance of an employment offer, is contingent upon passing live scan, background check, and other tests. All new employees are required to take a loyalty oath.

The provisions of this bulletin do not constitute an expressed or implied contract. Any provisions contained herein may be modified or revoked without notice. All statements made on the job application are subject to investigation and/or verification. Inaccurate and/or false statements will be cause for disqualification, removal from the eligibility list or discharge from employment.


Please do not use your City of Carson email address as part of this application. You must indicate a personal email address to receive communications and/or notices from Human Resources throughout the recruitment process.

City of Carson
Summary of Employee Benefits
Association of Management Employees (AME)

CalPERS Retirement Formula
  • 3%@60 Formula - Employees hired before May 6, 2011.
  • 2%@55 Formula - Classic Members hired on or after May 6, 2011.
  • 2%@62 Formula - New Members hired on or after January 1, 2013.
  • Employees pay the full Employee Member Contribution on a pre-tax basis.
  • 1959 Survivors Program - Level 4
Medical Insurance
  • The City contracts with CalPERS for medical benefits, which offers employees a choice of various HMOs and PPOs.
  • The City will pay the full family HMO premium from Kaiser Permanente of Los Angeles Region (including Riverside and San Bernardino counties) for each Unit member and eligible dependents. - a cafeteria cap of $200.00, per month, will be placed on any remaining premium monies.
  • Employees may elect to discontinue or not enroll in the health insurance program upon proof of equal coverage. These employees shall receive 75% of the lowest 2-party premium, to be deposited into the employee's City-sponsored deferred compensation account.
Dental Insurance
  • The monthly dental plan is fully paid by the City.
  • Employees may elect to discontinue or not enroll in the dental insurance program. These employees shall receive 65% of the premium to be deposited into the employee's City-sponsored deferred compensation account.
Vision Insurance
  • Employees may purchase vision care through payroll deduction from wages and/or with any remaining cafeteria money.
Life Insurance
  • $100,000.00 Basic Group Term Life Insurance premium paid by the City.
Deferred Compensation
  • Deferred Compensation Plan available; employee participation is optional.
  • Deferred Compensation City match per calendar year as follows: Two thousand, four hundred dollars ($2,400.00) for Association of Management Employees Unit Members.
Short-Term Disability/Long-Term Disability
  • City-paid premium.

Annual Leave
Monthly Accruals
11.33 hours Upon Appointment
13.33 hours Commencement of 6th year
16.66 hours Commencement of 11th year
Additional 10 hours per year, in addition to 16.66 Commencement of 20th year
Additional 20 hours per year, in addition to 16.66 Commencement of 21st year
Additional 30 hours per year, in addition to 16.66 Commencement of 22nd year
Additional 40 hours per year, in addition to 16.66 Commencement of 23rd year
100% paid at separation
700 maximum accrual hours

Sick Leave
  • 10 hours accrued per month.
  • 1/2 the value of accrued sick leave balance paid at separation.

Holiday Leave
  • 14 paid holidays per calendar year.
Administrative Leave
  • Exempt employees accrue 10 hours per month with a max accrual of 160 hours.
Annual Professional Development Allowance
  • The City provides professional development pay in the amount of six hundred fifty dollars ($650.00) payable in the first quarter of the fiscal year.
Service Organization Membership
  • The City pays up to ($150.00) per fiscal year for membership in one Carson-based service organization.

Education/Tuition Reimbursement
  • TheCity will reimburse employees up to the California State University in-state rate (per semester, quarter, or academic year).
Retiree Medical
  • The City shall pay a monthly health insurance premium for eligible retired unit members as follows:
% of difference between the

required minimum contribution
Full-time service with Carson and the amount the City pays
at time of retirement for active Unit members
0 - 4.99 years 0%
5 years 50%
6 years 60%
7 years 70%
8 years 80%
9 years 90%
10 years 100%

Longevity Pay
  • 2 1/2% of the prevailing pay rate upon attaining 15 years of service credit.
  • 5% of the prevailing pay rate upon attaining 20 years of service credit.
  • 7 1/2% of the prevailing pay rate upon attaining 25 years of service credit.
For more information, please click on the link below.


1. The following supplemental questions will be used to assist us in screening your application. You are required to answer each of the following questions truthfully and completely. This questionnaire will be used to determine if you meet the minimum qualifications for this job. Your responses to this questionnaire may also be used to evaluate your qualifications beyond the minimum requirements, as part of the application screening process. As such, please take the time necessary to answer the questions thoroughly. Applications submitted without a completed supplemental questionnaire, or those that say see resume or application, may not be considered. It is imperative that your responses to the questionnaire provide a true and accurate reflection of your background. Additionally, your answers MUST be supported by the information you have entered in your general application. Responses which cannot be substantiated by information contained in your application will be deemed invalid. Falsification, exaggeration and misrepresentation will result in your disqualification. Your responses will be evaluated as submitted. Do you agree to answer the following questions truthfully and completely AND understand that falsification or overstatement of your qualifications is grounds for disqualification of your application?
  • Yes
  • No


Which one of the following statements best describes the highest education you earned?

Please note : Proof of education (AA degree or higher) must be attached at the time of submission with your application.

  • I earned a high school/GED certificate.
  • I earned an Associates degree.
  • I earned a Bachelor's degree.
  • I earned a graduate degree.


Describe your supervisory experience or experience working in a lead capacity. Within your answer, list the title(s) of the positions you were responsible for supervising / leading, total number of staff you oversaw, total years of lead experience and the agency where you obtained the experience.If you have no experience mark N/A.


Describe a recent technology implementation you completed within the past three (3) years.


Did you submit all of the required documents?

Required Question

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